Scions of Westcrown

The Aerum Curse
Adventure 2: Session 1

The Shadow Lengthens

The party gathers at the Shrine of Aroden where Arael and Janiven have located another ally in the form of Pathfinder Ailyn Ghontasavos. Ailyn has been doing research into the fall of Delvehaven, the Westcrown Pathfinder lodge, and noticed parallels between the rise of the shadow beasts and the fall of the lodge. Further research revealed that Westcrown’s previous mayor, Darghentu Vheed paid a lot of money to investigate Delvehaven and even occupied it for short time before locking it up and warding it.

Vheed kept records of his investigations in a device known as a Chelish Crux, a locked puzzle box. The Crux hasn’t been heard from since Vheed’s disappearance 30 years ago, but Ailyn suspects it’s being kept in the Asmodean Knot, the Mayor’s private pocket-dimensional vault. She offers to pay the party 20,000gp if they can gather the Crux and investigate Delvehaven.

Meanwhile Janiven came up with the perfect plan to infiltrate the Lord-Mayor’s house. The party will become actors.

The Limehouse Theater

Casting, meeting with Robahl. Fitch talks to Millech.

Only Fitch Can Start Forest Fires

Mushrooms and Morlocks

The Black Creeper

E-mail Roleplay: More Questions than Answers

The Bastards of Erebus
Adventure 1: Session 2

Whitechin and the Goblin Tribe

Larko and ___ come to the PC’s and tell them that they have been scouting out the Wiscrani sewers as a means of moving about the city undetected by Hellknights and the Dottari. While down there Larko and __ came across a large gathering of Goblins in the Rego ______area of the city.

Sir Alton speaks to the Goblin Razgrub and the party tries to work out a means to peacefully stop Goblin advances into the city without hurting them. Razgrub shows them some wands made by a Goblin known as Raska. After some deliberation the party heads to a meeting with Whitechin and learn that the Goblin leader is in fact a Wererat. Negotiations break down and result in a fight where Whitechin, his advisors, and Razgrub are killed.

The party has to run to Larko’s rescue, but manage to kill surprisingly few Goblins.


Temple of Bastards

The Westcrown Rebels
Adventure 1: Session 1

The Westcrown Rebels

Janiven, the second-in-command to a group of rebellious Wiscrani gathers together Sir Alten the sometimes-over-the-top paladin, Dee the dwarven cleric of Gorram (deity renamed), Chrim the half-orc badass fighter, Kaes the shaman and Shiraz his wolf spirit companion, and Fitch the gnome “ranger” who helps out orphans. She invites each of them to Vizio’s Tavern for an early dinner to discuss ways to help Westcrown.

Sir Alten and Dee meet Captain Saria Roccin of the Dottari and Sir Alten puts on a show of being a paladin with a stick up his ass and Dee laughs. Meanwhile, Fitch meets Morosino an orphaned boy who tries to act much older than he really is.

The group meets at Vizio’s at 4p.m. and Janiven reveals that she is helping start an organization that wants to take back Westcrown’s streets from the shadow beasts. The PCs discuss this turn of events and all agree to help. Morosino arrives and says that Arael, the Westcrown Rebels’ leader has been captured by the Dottari and the Hellknights are trying to get custody of him.

A large group of Hellknights led by a Hellknight Inquisitor and Signifier Shanwen a cleric of Asmodeus arrive and start to hammer down the door. Janiven leads the party to a hidden trapdoor and takes them into the sewers.

Into the Sewers The group descends into Westcrown’s sewers with the Hellknights hot on their trail. The group defeats a group of Torble slimes and an unexplained large group of undead. The PC’s come across a scouting party of goblins and engaged them in negotiation.

Razgrub, the scouts leader, is surprised by this and discusses this with one of his aids. Razgrub then decides to let the adventurers pass for 1gp each.

At this point the Hellknights catch up to the group from three different angles, behind, in front, and using a manhole above the street. Several goblins are downed in the fight, Kaes’s entangle spell blocks the manhole, and Fitch scrambles up and fights Shanwen, a Signifier and Cleric of Asmodeus for the first time.

After the Hellknights are defeated, Sir Alten, Dee, and Kaes heal as many goblins as they can, including Razgrub. Razgrub labels them goblin friends and lets them pass without paying the “toll.”

The Rebel Hideout Janiven leads the PC’s to an abandoned Shrine of Aroden that several Wiscrani rebels have been using as a hideout. The rebels have been debating on a name, and the PC’s help them come up with the “Scions of Westcrown” as their group’s official name. The PC’s are introduced to Ermolos the blacksmith and Alten shows him some forging techniques.

A Dramatic Rescue In the morning Janiven gathers the PC’s, _, ____, and Ermolos and they set out to rescue Arael from the Hellknights.

Janiven and the Scions cause a diversion with some caltrops near a bridge on the way to Citadel Rivand, while Chrim disables the carriage with a well thrown javelin. The PC’s fight and manage to kill few Hellknights as they rescue Arael. Fitch takes down Shanwen and the PC’s take his unconscious body with them. Fitch tatoos his name on Shanwen’s ass and then deposits him at a whore house for his own amusement and to embarrass the Hellknights.

Horse Drama Chrim,Dee, Sir Alten, and Kaes help Gorvio return the borrowed horses to his Uncle Jacobi’s. There they meet Thesing Umbreo Using who is angry that Jacobi released horses he needed for his play that day (the same horses the PC’s borrowed). Alten drops into his “uber paladin” facade and ends up offending Umbreo and leaving him with the mistaken impression that Alten and Chrim (as pansi) are actors.

Slaying a Shadow Beast The party meets Paralictor Sevran, a Hellknight of the Order of the Scourge. Sevran has been tasked with protecting Westcrown citizens from the shadowbeasts because the Order of the Rack will not. Sevran’s first attempt went poorly and he lost several of his Hellknights. He enlists the PC’s help in defeating a Shadow Beast, which they manage to do nearly effortlessly, earning his thanks and reinforcing their reputations as powerful adventurers and friends of hte Westcrown populace.


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