Scions of Westcrown

The Bastards of Erebus

Adventure 1: Session 2

Whitechin and the Goblin Tribe

Larko and ___ come to the PC’s and tell them that they have been scouting out the Wiscrani sewers as a means of moving about the city undetected by Hellknights and the Dottari. While down there Larko and __ came across a large gathering of Goblins in the Rego ______area of the city.

Sir Alton speaks to the Goblin Razgrub and the party tries to work out a means to peacefully stop Goblin advances into the city without hurting them. Razgrub shows them some wands made by a Goblin known as Raska. After some deliberation the party heads to a meeting with Whitechin and learn that the Goblin leader is in fact a Wererat. Negotiations break down and result in a fight where Whitechin, his advisors, and Razgrub are killed.

The party has to run to Larko’s rescue, but manage to kill surprisingly few Goblins.


Temple of Bastards



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