Scions of Westcrown

The Aerum Curse

Adventure 2: Session 1

The Shadow Lengthens

The party gathers at the Shrine of Aroden where Arael and Janiven have located another ally in the form of Pathfinder Ailyn Ghontasavos. Ailyn has been doing research into the fall of Delvehaven, the Westcrown Pathfinder lodge, and noticed parallels between the rise of the shadow beasts and the fall of the lodge. Further research revealed that Westcrown’s previous mayor, Darghentu Vheed paid a lot of money to investigate Delvehaven and even occupied it for short time before locking it up and warding it.

Vheed kept records of his investigations in a device known as a Chelish Crux, a locked puzzle box. The Crux hasn’t been heard from since Vheed’s disappearance 30 years ago, but Ailyn suspects it’s being kept in the Asmodean Knot, the Mayor’s private pocket-dimensional vault. She offers to pay the party 20,000gp if they can gather the Crux and investigate Delvehaven.

Meanwhile Janiven came up with the perfect plan to infiltrate the Lord-Mayor’s house. The party will become actors.

The Limehouse Theater

Casting, meeting with Robahl. Fitch talks to Millech.

Only Fitch Can Start Forest Fires

Mushrooms and Morlocks

The Black Creeper

E-mail Roleplay: More Questions than Answers



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